Sunday, May 17, 2009

Elephant Footprints
A Photographic Journal of the Gorah Elephant Camp in the Addo Elephant National Park

Possibly the best available account of the story and History of the Gorah Elephant Camp and the Addo Elephant National Park to date along with the beautiful account of spirituality associated with the Park and its beautiful elephants. Elephant Footprints is the personal journey of Nicola Schwim who lived in the Park for nearly six years and was so obviously and deeply touched by the history and the essence of the reserve, and spiritual encounters with the elephants in particular. Nicola’s stories and deep love of the Park captivate the reader for hours as the book takes one on a journey through secrets, myths, legends, elephant graveyards, personal stories and moments that remind one of the uniqueness of Addo. Peppered with history and factual stories of Addo, the old Gorah Farm and all the creatures who abide in the Park, Nicola’s beautiful writing style makes one fall in love with the place, over and over again.

Enhancing the book is a beautiful selection of her photographs, a unique ensemble of a deeply loved wilderness area, which brings her memories and stories to life. Anyone who has been to Gorah or the Addo Park are at once reminded of its intense magic and deep spirituality.
The book is a high quality 286pg coffee table book richly deserving a space in a superb collectors range of books.
It is a very limited range, there were only 500 copies printed, and the book is only available from the Gorah Elephant Camp and directly from the author. For personal contact with the author and for a signed copy of the book contact Nicola Schwim


Elephants could be considered the “dolphins of the terra firma” As superior intelligence and communication is ascribed to dolphins, so is it to elephants. Many people consider these giant pachyderms to have more intuition, and enhanced spiritual qualities. Ancient elephant migratory routes, elephant graveyards and unusual touching encounters with elephants have further cemented these theories.
Nicola Schwim has taken these suppositions a step further in Elephant Footprints. The hefty book is really a reworked chronicle of her diaries of many years spent in the field with the elephants of Addo. She tells remarkable stories of elephant and human communication, opening readers to the possibility of animal spirituality and intelligence. Legends and folklore in the area support her findings. Arguably the best account of Addo National Park and Gorah’s history published so far, and a collection of beautiful photographs of all creatures great and small in the stunningly diverse park.
Currently the manageress at Gorah Elephant Camp in Addo, Schwim will take you on a journey with elephants that few have dared to verbalize. You will be enchanted by her knowledge and insight, and captivated by just how much happens in the bush beyond the usual game drive. Peppered with history and atmosphere, Elephant Footprints will open your mind to explore a few steps beyond the obvious when next you are in elephant territory. Books are available from the author only at . Only 500 books were printed, a limited edition, a book very worthy in a collectors library, we only have 50 copies left!

This coffee-Table Wildlife & Conservation Book - as she experienced it in Addo - is a gift & tribute to love; exploring the delicate balance & coexistence between man and nature"...when you look behind you, you will see not your own footprints, but those of an elephant. You will have walked in the home of the elephants. You would have walked, in Addo..."
Elephant Footprints was inspired & is intended as a personal diary of the interpretations & notes; which author Nicola Schwim capture in her beautifully illustrated, rich content-packed publication deeply rooted in Southern Africa.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It has mattered not how fast nor how far I have travelled
I have gone where the winds of chance have carried me
I have known the heady exhilaration of victory
And I have known the gnawing pain of defeat
But amidst countless days and endless nights
I have never ceased searching for an oasis of sanity
In this madness men call earth
For the worst fate of all
Is to be forever alone in your soul,
Without ever having found peace.